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Founder, Jazzy Harvey

Jazzy founded Thatmiddlechild Productions as a creative platform to celebrate the lives of  silenced communities and make new media more accessible.

Jazzy is a Virtual Reality filmmaker who shoots, writes, edits, and produces immersive stories. Born the middle of three girls to a Jamaican mother and Black and Native father in South Central Los Angeles, Jazzy prides herself on intentional and original content creation and output that empowers frequently misrepresented communities. She earned her BA from Cornell University where she studied Socio-cultural Anthropology, Africana Studies, and Global Health with a collective focus on urban community development.

Jazzy aspires to use the intersections of technology, art, multimedia forms, and education to amplify the voices of those often unheard and unseen. She does not seek to represent others and speak for them, rather serve as a funnel and work with misrepresented identities to help them reclaim their stories and bring them to others.  With a deep understanding of how people are linked across all channels, Jazzy strives to heal by channeling authentic lived experiences through storytelling.

Photo by  Ciarra Walters .

Photo by Ciarra Walters.



Thatmiddlechild Productions believes in the power of collaboration in project execution. From beginning to end, all projects are completed as a team.


Breauna Waterford
Creative Producer & Founder of Terrestrial Productions

Breauna Waterford is a Creative Producer of Multimedia Content; including film, virtual reality, photography and creative writing. She founded Terrestrial Productions in 2017, a creative space for her content and collaborations. Her art is a genuine reflection of the world around her.  She has found inspirations for projects in the realms of psychedelics and spirituality as well as storytelling within in the Black community from underground car scene to Black women and Black hair. Breauna works mostly in Documentary storytelling, producing a new form of narrative, by combining both film and virtual reality. She also dives into the world of creative experimental fiction filmmaking. Her previous projects include Bikes Over Banging, The Experience, Launderland and Grower's Hands. Currently, she is in production on Lowrider (working title) a character portrait of Raul an indigenous American in a Chicano dominated lowriding community. Her mission in cinema and multimedia storytelling is to exhibit fresh and alternative perspective to an already diverse field. 

Bre Portrait

Dakar Lee
Multi-media Communications Expert

Dakar is a multi-media communications expert. In 2016, he graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Fine Arts and a B.A. in Communications Media. Dakar's learned it all; branding, photography, production, website design, gallery art. Currently he resides in LA as an experienced freelancer, having worked in branding for several different companies. Along with freelancing, Dakar is a website designer for the Los Angeles Metro BSC. He believes that communication is a unifying field. That’s why Dakar believes working as a multi-media communications expert, in all aspects, is an asset of his. With your ideas, and his expertise, imagine what can be created together.

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John Turner
Audio Engineer

Marquist Cox
Music Producer

Matthew McCutcheon
Music Producer