Built Not Bought Experience is a living immersive installation inspired by and intertwined with the virtual reality film/multimedia project Built Not Bought (2018). In a mere 5 days, an autoshop run by a lead in the film, once a smokeshop in South LA was transformed into a gallery. Set with QR codes, AR, virtual reality film flat photography and film, a space was born that incited discovery of new tech and visions of the potential of spaces that already exist within the community. While watching the VR film, visitors were encouraged to not only see the multimedia project come to life through different mediums, but also interact and connect with those whose culture the film surrounds. Built Not Bought came alive. Work did not stop at the autoshop and there was no fee to attend. Built Not Bought Experience is exemplary of a space built for discovery for the community it highlights, by the community, and in the community.

As does the film, the visitors of Built Not Bough Experience, saw that the practices and the people of South Central LA, despite adversity and conflict, are, Still Here.



April 20-21, 2019: cash money customs- Gardena, ca

APRIL 27-28, 2019: cash money customs- gardena, CA


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