Built Not Bought is a rhythmic documentary narrative following the stories of five young men involved in the car culture of South Central Los Angeles, an essential entity, with global influence, to the soul of Los Angeles at large.

In the midst of widespread gentrification and heightened police presence many traditional practices of South Central LA have been dubbed criminal, an inconvenience and pushed into invisible corners. Built Not Bought explores the lively generational car culture of South Central LA through personal narratives and portraits of the neighborhood. On a 24 hour journey, the viewer will see that the practices and the people of South Central LA, despite adversity and conflict, are, Still Here.




January 9, 2018: VR Fest at CES- Las Vegas, NV

March  3, 2018: VRAR2 AT Long Beach Public Library- Long Beach, CA

MaRCH 9, 2018: VR DAY at CSULB- Long Beach, CA

March 10-11, 2018: Afrotectopia at nyu- New York City

MAY 5, 2018: SWAA-Fresno, CA

May 12, 2018: BUILT NOT BOUGHT POP-UP EXHIBIT- Los Angeles, CA

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